Unique, practical knowledge for nurses responsible for daily management of patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and related conditions.

Et al Training

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Et al Training delivers Innovative and effective Clinical and Communication training in our unique and memorable way.

At Et al Training they pride themselves on delivering the most effective and engaging Health Care Training in the UK.  Et al’s Trainers have a 20 year proven track record in delivering high quality, practical education which will deliver change in practice immediately.

Their Study Days all evaluate stunningly and we cover numerous topics including Motivational Interviewing, CVD, Diabetes, HCA Really Useful Training and have just added Mindfulness, Vaccinations and Immunisations and Clinical Skills Refresher courses.  For a full list of Fully Funded Study Days open of enrolment, please click on the following link http://etaltraining.co.uk/category-list-by-date

NOW AVAILABLE – CVD C R A F T Cards for when you want to show health related information, or collect specific information from a patient. There are the numbers, you know why you want them and what you will do with them, but you just “Can’t Remember A Flipping Thing”. To Learn more please click on the following link http://etaltraining.co.uk/craft-cards





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