Unique, practical knowledge for nurses responsible for daily management of patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and related conditions.



Issues & Answers is a unique new FREE digital learning platform for primary care clinicians offering:

  • SIX annual conference sessions plus TWO new Question Time sessions
  • REGULAR educational broadcasts and webinars across the spectrum of clinical issues
  • Expert-led programmes with up-to-the-minute advice and guidance
  • On-demand webinars enabling you to watch again when suitable for you
  • Accompanying factsheets, slides & CPD modules 

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Conference Sessions

uniqueexpert-led series of interactive broadcasts providing practical advice and guidance for the whole primary care team confronted with the challenges of caring for patients suffering from Long Covid.

Registration is completely FREE and CPD points are awarded for attendance.

Covid survivors report a bewildering complex of long-term consequences.

Each expert presentation will help you to:

  • Identify patients at risk
  • Highlight high-risk patients
  • Provide best care
  • Offer non-therapeutic support
  • Know when to refer to specialist care

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Webinars and broadcasts from Issues & Answers

Regular FREE educational webinars and broadcasts from our inspirational experts reviewing key topics, addressing the latest clinical issues and offering guidance and practical advice for primary care clinicians. Each one also includes slides, factsheets and CPD points plus they are all available to view again on-demand.

Upcoming webinars:

Modern Medicines Series – GLP-1 Receptor Agonists: What we need to know

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Modern Medicines Series – SGLT2 Inhibitors: What we need to know

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Now available to watch again and download the resources.

Modern medicines series SGLT2 Inhibitors (Progs 1-3) »

Asthma: What the experts have been talking about in 2020 »

Three ages of syncope; syncope in children, pregnancy and the elderly »

The Essentials of Insulin series »

Preventing and Managing Cardiovascular Disease in a virtual setting »

COVID-19 series »

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