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NICE publishes updated guideline on chronic heart failure

NICE publishes updated guideline on chronic heart failure

Publication date: Wednesday, 10 October 2018

NICE have recently launched an updated guideline on the diagnosis and management of chronic heart failure.

The guideline includes new and updated recommendations on:

  • The role of the specialist heart failure multidisciplinary team
  • Diagnosing heart failure and giving information to people with heart failure
  • Managing all types of heart failure
  • Treating heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, including people who also have chronic kidney disease
  • Monitoring treatment for all types of heart failure
  • Interventional procedures
  • Cardiac rehabilitation and palliative care.

Some of the key point from the guideline are that:

  • GPs should test NT-proBNP in patients with symptoms and signs of heart failure and refer for specialist assessment if the level is above 400 pg/ml
  • Urgent (2 week) referral is needed if NT-proBNP is over 2000 pg/ml
  • The specialist heart failure MDT should work closely with primary care
  • Stable patient should be reviewed at least every 6 months by their primary care team
  • Triple therapy with ACE-I, BB and MRA is recommended for heart failure with reduced ejection fraction with further options such as sacubitril valsartan and ivabradine available to the specialist team
  • An exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation programme should be offered to all heart failure patients


 More information

NICE guideline (NG106) Chronic heart failure in adults: diagnosis and management https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ng106

NICE chronic heart failure overview https://pathways.nice.org.uk/pathways/chronic-heart-failure



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