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Warfarin self-care app joins NHS Digital App Library

Warfarin self-care app joins NHS Digital App Library

Publication date: Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Theengageapp, which allows patients on warfarin therapy to self-test and stay connected to their care teams, has recently been approved by NHS Digital to join the NHS App Library a range of patient health care apps.

The app has been approved for its patient self-testing programme for those on warfarin therapy. The programme enables patients to monitor their INR remotely using suitable coagulation measurement instruments such as Roche XS CoaguChek or INRange and send the results directly to their clinician’s decision support software. This seamless flow of data between the patient app and the clinical dashboard allows the care team to review and dose the individual in INRstar and send the results back to them via their engage app in minutes.

To be considered for inclusion, the engageapp underwent NHS Digital’s extremely thorough approval process, to ensure adherence to nine key elements including; clinical safety, security, usability, technical stability and indicators of effect. 

The app allows patients more freedom and independence from regular clinic visits, with those already using the self-testing programme reporting that it ‘’makes life so much easier.”    

Hazel Jones, Programme Director Apps & Wearables including Uptake, NHS Digital says: ‘We are really excited to be able to showcase the Engage App in our NHS Apps Library.  As the first app of its type to be approved for our NHS Apps Library, the concept of enabling patients to self-care in an assisted environment fits so well with our digital ambitions within the NHS to provide greater choice for patients to manage better health outcomes within the ‘Empower the Person’ and ‘Citizen Health Tech’ initiatives.’  

The technology behind engage has been developed by LumiraDx Care Solutions who have developed of INRstar, the market-leading anticoagulation management software.

Further self-care programmes for anticoagulation therapy will follow soon together with a portfolio of evidence-based programmes to help patients with long-term conditions such as COPD, diabetes and heart disease. Enabling patients to self-care is a key strategy of the NHS GP Forward view for long-term condition patients. 


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