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New healthy weight App designed by nurses for nurses

New healthy weight App designed by nurses for nurses

Publication date: Wednesday, 04 April 2018
Contributor(s): Jeremy Bray

A new App called NURSING YOU has been designed for nurses to help them care for themselves to achieve and maintain a healthy weight so they can care for others more effectively. NURSING YOU is a key part of the Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses (WIN) joint funded by the Royal College of Nursing Foundation

The App aims to help busy nurses answer questions such as:

  • Before, during and after work, how do I make decisions about what to eat and drink?
  • What triggers (situations, feelings or experiences) during my working shifts lead me to make unhealthy eating choices?
  • Are there healthier alternatives, and how do I make them part of my already packed routine?

The App design process included conversations with many nurses in focus groups, workshops and surveys. They all agreed that they wanted an online supportive tool that would help them recognise triggers for unhealthy habits that would then help them to make small changes and lead to better choices. In particular, they wanted a tool that was created by nurses for nurses with the unique workplace challenges in mind.

In particular, the App allows nurses to reflect on how they make decisions at work and identify goals to set to help them achieve and maintain a healthier weight. The App was initially developed to help nurses who are obese, but will be useful to any nurse wanting to control their weight.

More information

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. saying you are a nurse who is interested in using the App and you will be sent an access code. Then go to https://nursingyou.wellbeingzone.co.uk/ to register on the platform (it is best to register using your laptop or desktop) and start your NURSING YOU journey.
  • For more details on the Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses see https://www.c3health.org/win/

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