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From the editor: The latest cardiovascular news

Publication date: Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Contributor(s): Bev Bostock-Cox

Spring has sprung with lambs in the fields and Easter eggs in the shops. We also have lots happening on the cardiovascular and diabetes front!

  • NICE announced recently that they are updating guidance on CVD risk and lipid modification and there have been the usual murmurings – some approving, some less so. It seems to me that the ‘non HDL-C’ message has not reached all areas of the country and even if it has, people seem to be unsure whether to aim for a 40% reduction as per NICE or to go for the absolute value of 2.5mmol/L as in JBS3. It looks like NICE is moving towards the JBS3 position; isn’t it nice when guidelines come together? It’s better to avoid the recent debacle following publication of the NICE asthma guidelines which were at odds with the more established BTS/SIGN guidelines. Working in primary care is always challenging so guidelines which agree are a bonus! If you’d like to read NICE’s plans for the CVD Risk and lipid modification guideline you can find them here.
  • If you work with people with diabetes, you may have less to do in the future if the DiRECT study is correct. The study showed that a weight loss of 15kg resulted in remission of diabetes. Professor Lean’s team used the very low calorie diet approach, which we have discussed in previous editions of the journal. We may need to keep an open mind about how weight loss is best achieved and whether diabetes can actually be cured. For now, I suspect we won’t be seeing a huge reduction in numbers attending for diabetes reviews.
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Category: Have You Heard
Edition: Volume 3, Number 2, BJPCN Online 2018
Contributor(s): Bev Bostock-Cox

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