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New hand-held device improves decision making in wound care

New hand-held device improves decision making in wound care

Publication date: Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Contributor(s): Jeremy Bray

A new handheld imaging device called MolecuLight i:X has been launched by Smith and Nephew to improve decision making in wound care.

The device allows doctors or nurses to improve wound assessments by accurately measuring the presence and distribution of potentially harmful bacteria. The device visualises the location and distribution of bacterial load across the wound bed and periphery.

Currently wound assessments are made with the naked eye which can lack the accuracy required to most effectively guide clinical decision making. MolecuLight i:X uses fluorescence to visualise potentially harmful bacteria in wounds which may otherwise lack signs or symptoms of infection. Clinical data from the manufacturer suggests that using the device enhances a clinician's ability to choose the right therapy at the right time for their patient and has further benefits including improved wound sampling and debridement, monitoring wound progression, improving patient engagement and simplifying wound documentation. Recent studies have shown that incorporating MolecuLight i:X into standard care led to 9 times faster wound healing and 54% more accurate swabbing.1,2 This new process also leads to less unnecessary drug use, in particular helping to avoid over prescribing of antibiotics.

Dr Ralph DaCosta, Chief Scientific Officer and Director of MolecuLight Inc said that, "For the first time clinicians can accurately sample a wound in situ to determine if bacteria are present as well as more effectively debride a wound under fluorescence visualisation. These are fundamental areas of everyday wound care that have remained suboptimal for too long, until now."

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