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New pharmacy service may improve adherence to diabetes therapies

New pharmacy service may improve adherence to diabetes therapies

Publication date: Monday, 17 July 2017
Contributor(s): Jeremy Bray

Management of type 2 diabetes continues to be very challenging. Many people with diabetes are expected to take medications 4 times a day which can be a challenge, especially if people are out at work or not in regular routines. Carrying the bulky medicine boxes can also make this difficult. These problems come with a cost; recent studies show that 67% of people with type 2 diabetes do not take their medication as prescribed, and that poor diabetes management costs the NHS nearly £500 million to treat the preventable complications of diabetes.

PillTime is a new system which makes managing medicines easier and is ideal for those on multiple medicines and active lifestyles. The NHS-approved pharmacy can receive prescriptions electronically directly from the GP and delivers the medicines, pre-packed by a team of experienced pharmacists and delivered discreetly to a patients’ door via tracked mail service. The patient’s medication is dispensed in easy-to-open pouches, organised in the order that you need to take them and dispensed from the PillTime box. Each pouch is clearly marked with the correct date and time of when the dose should be taken, making it easy to remember to take all of the tablets at the right time, every time and providing peace of mind.

Pharmacist Paul Mayberry said, "PillTime is an NHS pharmacy that dispenses NHS prescriptions written by your GP.  It is vital that people with diabetes take their medicines at the right time and this is why we have created PillTime to help patients take their medications exactly as prescribed."

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PillTime website www.pilltime.co.uk

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