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Patient education programme effective in preventing diabetes

Patient education programme effective in preventing diabetes

Publication date: Wednesday, 10 August 2016
Contributor(s): Jeremy Bray

People at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes can reduce their chances of getting the condition by more than 80% by completing a new education programme, according to a new study from the Leicester Diabetes Centre.

The study authors said that the ‘Let’s Prevent Diabetes’ programme could lead to largereductions in cases of Type 2 diabetes. Full attendance on the programme, which includes a main session and two follow-ups over a 2-year period, resulted in an 88% risk reduction, while people who only missed one follow-up session were60% less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. An adapted version of the programme is now being rolled out in the East Midlands and parts of Yorkshireas part of NHS England’s The Healthier You: NHS Diabetes PreventionProgramme.

Professor Melanie Davies CBE(University of Leicester) said:“These types ofprogrammes, if applied correctly, are powerful and have the ability to enhance and improve people’s lifestyle. Thisprogrammehas the potential to bringlargereductions in cases of Type 2 diabetes.

The findings were made from an analysis of 880 people from 44GP surgeries.They either received standard care or the 6-hour group structured educationprogramme focused on physical activity and empowering people to make healthier lifestyle choices. Theprogrammeincludes an annual 3-hour refresher course for 2 years, and regular phone contact to increase motivation every 3 months. Both groups received standard written information and participants were followed up for three years.

As well as potentially reducing the risk, the group receiving the educationprogrammealso saw significant improvements in HbA1c, cholesterol, wellbeing, sedentary time and step counts.

Patient groups Diabetes incidence rate (per 1000 person/years)
Attended all 3 sessions 16.86
Attended 3 sessios 57.6
Standard care 63.16

Table: Diabetes incidence rate in the different groups in the study.


Wider roll out of this educational programme across the NHS should help to support the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme. Success of the programme is dependent on good patient adherence and healthcare professionals should consider how to keep programme participants motivated.

Gray LJ, et al. Engagement, retention, and progression to type 2 diabetes: a retrospective analysis of the cluster-randomized "Let's Prevent Diabetes" trial. PLoS Medicine 2016;13(7):e1002078.

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Contributor(s): Jeremy Bray

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