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Editorial: Continuing focus on CVD prevention

Editorial: Continuing focus on CVD prevention

Publication date: Friday, 08 March 2019
Contributor(s): Bev Bostock-Cox, Chris Arden

In the 70 years since the NHS was founded there have indeed been remarkable successes in reducing mortality from common conditions, an important example being deaths due to heart and circulatory disease. Yet the statistics show that there is more to be done to prevent the toll of premature death and years of disability associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD). For this reason, we welcome the continuing focus on CVD prevention as set out in this publication, produced with the support of Public Health England and NHS England.

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This publication has been produced in collaboration with PHE and NHS England who contributed towards the content. BHF and Stroke Association have contributed towards the publication funding but had no role in the design or content. Final editorial control rests with the authors and editors.
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Category: Editorial
Edition: Volume 15, Number 1, February 2019
Print edition page(s): S3
Contributor(s): Bev Bostock-Cox, Chris Arden

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